About Us


A Contract Packager that Offers

  • Quality
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Individualized Service
  • Accessibility
  • Small and Large Volume Production
  • Most Importantly, Council

Select Brands, LLC began operations in May 2004 as a ONE STOP shop Contract Packer of Ready to Eat retorted food products primarily in plastic, flexible stand up pouches. In addition, we have also produced numerous Dry Products and Dry Blended products in re-sealable stand up pouches. Our initial concentration was centered on innovative products which were not being packaged in pouches at the time. In that process, we have developed and continue to develop new and innovative production processes transforming a variety of unique raw ingredients through the production and packaging process, to the grocery shelves. Because we have the flexibility to effectively produce products in small and large volumes, we have helped in the initial development and start-up of a wide variety of new market introductions. Having just completed a massive production expansion we will continue to develop a wider spectrum of packaging alternatives.